This page has a couple of videos I’ve made over the years on the topic of websites, Internet marketing, SEO, and more. I hope to be making more in the future at some point but hopefully you find these helpful.

Why Use Video For Your Business?

This video explains why I think most businesses should be using videos to help market themselves. Watch this video to find out why. (It’s no coincidence that I’m using a video to try to convince you to use video!)


What Is Twitter, And Should I Use It?

Twitter is one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated social networks. Yet, I think Twitter can be one of the most powerful social networks that companies can take advantage of. Why? Watch and find out. (And then follow me on Twitter!)


Beyond SEO – What To Do With Visitors After They Visit Your Website

This is a video of a speech I gave at the Revenue North conference in Colorado Springs in 2013. Here, I explain how and why so many businesses are focused on traffic and rankings when in fact they should be focusing on their website visitors instead.