About Ron

Hi! I’m Ron Stauffer. I first entered the web design/development world in 2008 and decided then that building websites and marketing businesses on the Internet was the right choice for me. I call my company “Ron’s Websites” because I’m a fan of speaking in plain English and keeping things simple. I’m Ron, and I build websites. Simple enough, right?

My slogan says I “build websites that don’t suck,” because I’ve found that when I speak to small business owners, they often say “My website sucks… can you help me with that?”

I’ve now been in business for just shy of ten years, and over that time, I’ve been able to see how powerfully organizations can harness the power of the Internet. Over the years, I’ve found a sweet spot of being able to design, build, launch, and then market a website with great effectiveness. Again and again, I’ve been able to show clients web traffic reports that prove increases in traffic and conversions, and, of course, what’s far more important: I have a track record of showing actual increases in dollars and cents in P&L statements.

If you’re interested, here’s a quick personal background: I’ve worked for myself, I’ve worked at two tech startups in lead generation roles, and I was the marketing director for the largest digital agency in the Pikes Peak region. Because of this, I’ve worked alone, and I’ve worked on teams. I’m able to work for others, and I’ve had others work under me. I can bring a double-sided approach to working with clients: that of the laser-focused one-man specialist and that of a well-rounded agency man who has seen “the big picture” of everything the web has to offer.

If you meet with me, you’ll find out very quickly that I ask questions. A lot of questions. My inquisitive discovery and research process is able to uncover an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, target customers, and much more information crucial to marketing a business online.

If you have any interest in talking about how I can help you, feel free to fill out this contact form and I’ll respond as quickly as I can. As you can probably tell so far, you’re going to get an answer in plain English. I would love to meet with you and learn more about your company. So enough about me, get in touch and let’s talk!